Love Her Wild
Families. Weddings. ELOPEMENTS.  

Based in Byron Bay 

A bit about me... 

Hey you! 

Thanks for coming to have a squiz! 

You're probably wondering who on earth I am, so.... Lauren is my name. I'm a treasurer of the simple things in life and finding beauty in the downright mundane. I live in Brunswick Heads, a little town about 10 minutes North of Byron Bay. It's about as retro as a town gets and my word, that totally tickles my fancy! 

I live and breathe this photography thing and my daughter Lucy is 100% my muse. 
The name Love Her Wild came from a need to capture all that I feel. The love that I have for my Daughter and that all consuming, heart achey kind of love that you have for your people.... LOVE THEM WILD. Love everything wild. To be in that moment and bottle it up! 

I love to capture the tiny moments standing still frozen in time... the real stuff. The moments that make you look a little longer and smile a little wider. Emotions that run true and honest and tell your story! 
I'm by no means a posey photographer. It's all about being in the moment and letting life unfold for itself. 
People say that there is a depth in my photos. That there is something so candidly natural. Which I'm super proud of, but it's also credit for the amazing people who open up to me. Allow me into their lives and trust that I will capture them in a way that represents... THEM. Not a glorified life. Not a carbon copy of the last shoot. Authenticity... That's where you'll find me most happy. 


As I mentioned before, my Daughter is my muse.

She is what ignited all of this! If ever i'm in a bit of a rut (or just because I feel like it) I head out with my kid and camera in tow. It seriously makes my heart sing! 

Here is some personal work.. 


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