Family & Motherhood

Byron Bay Family Photographer

I know you..
You're the Muma. A person of strength, yet torn between the relentless days and the intense love that simply can't be put into words.You love fiercely.

Not only your children, but your partner, too.
Your family is what makes you get up in the morning and what keeps you up at night.
They are your worry, your smile and every darn moment that equates to your world.

Yet there you are without any photos of you all.

You want your children to be able to look back at what life was like when they were little. You want them to see the love that your family projected out into this world and that you injected into each others life.

But memories blur and time ticks by.

It's time for you to get in the frame, Muma.
It's time to unplug for a bit and hold your people tight.

And when you get your photos back.. a smile will take over your face. Your heart will skip a beat. A tear will roll down your cheek. And everything that you've ever cherished will be held, right there in your hands. 



Motherhood / Newborn / Maternity / Family


1 hour photoshoot

Outdoor location

30 High resolution images delivered via online gallery

Upgrade it?

All digital files 60+

Additional $300




Half hour Maternity session


1.5 hour Newborn session 

60 High resolution images delivered via digital download


All digital files 100+

Additional $300





How do I book with you? 


Once I receive an email from you and we've decided on a date and location, I will send out your questionnaire to get to know you and your family's quirks, a contract that covers us both, and your invoice, all via my booking system. Once the questionnaire has been filled, contract signed and the deposit paid, your session is locked and loaded baby! 


How much is the deposit? 


The booking fee to secure your family session is $500. The remaining amount is due two weeks prior to the session date. 
I do also offer payment plans so be sure to just ask if that's your jam. 


Where should we do our shoot? 


There are two options.. We can do it in your home where there's all this nostalgia and pretty pockets of light, loads of squishy cuddle space and your kids favourite toys.. 
Otherwise, An outdoor location. We can hit the beach, find a waterfall, climb a mountain, find a swing by a creek, hit the cafes and get burgers and milkshakes, go for a picnic in the fields.. Heck, we can even go camping! Think about re creating a family tradition together. It's always good to have an activity as it gives you all something to do with your hands and adds dynamic to the photos.  


What time do these shoots happen? 


In home sessions are usually scheduled for 10am.
Outdoor sessions are always done at golden hour. Golden hour is the last light of the day. So in these parts we would start at around 4.30pm in winter and 6.30pm when daylight savings is in action. 
Why golden hour? Trust me, you do not want photos in the harsh sun. It will cast shadows over your faces and you'll be a squinting hot mess. Golden hour is so flattering and truly creates a magic element to your photos. 


I'm not sure my kid will last that long, what is there's a tantrum? 


Yes, yes 100% YES. So fine. I have a four year old myself! In all honesty there's a solid chance that your kid will have a cry at some point. But hey, I love a bit of emotion in my pics. This is when you hold them close and just embrace the moment. At least they're still... So just embrace it and don't feel pressured to hurry. These moments are the ones that your child won't need you for so much one day so let's just roll with it. 


What should we bring? 


If you're doing an outdoor shoot, it's always best to pack the essentials. Sunscreen, water, mozzie repellent, a change of clothes (especially for small folk), snacks and also a little one's favourite toy. Please also consider your surroundings. Are we headed out to the bush or a field with cow patties? Bring a rad rug to sit on. Are your kids likely to run into the water when we get to the beach? Yes! Bring towels. 
I know this is a lot of stuff to bring so pop it all in a bag and we can put it down near where we shoot. 


What should we wear? 


Think complimentary colours. Muted tones and minimal pattern. Pops of colour and pattern are good however to break it up, but use sparingly as they don't always translate well in photos. 
Consider your surroundings.. Are we shooting in a green field or mountains? Then don't wear blue or green! Shooting at the beach? Wear a colour that is muted and fits in with the surroundings, yet is in contrast to the blue of the water. 
Pleeeeeeease do not wear matching (like jeans and white shirts)! A little fairy dies every time people wear matching at a photoshoot. 
Please feel free to chat to me to help decide on the best options to enhance your images. 


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