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I’m so ready! How do I book with you?


First things first… Choose your session type. Then shoot me an email via my contact page and we can work out a date. Once we have that set, I set you up in my client portal.

Your portal will give you access to your questionnaire, invoice and contract. Until the deposit of $500 is paid and contract sent back, your date is not yet reserved.

Your questionnaire is like a crsystal ball into what makes you, YOU. The last thing that I want is for your photos to be generic… ughhhhh. So this is a time that we get a bit deep. The more that you open up to me and tell me your quirks and story, the more powerful your shoot will be! It’s also a way for me to find out about your kids and their quirks too.

The contract is a means to make sure we are all clear on each others expectations.

Easy peasy.

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Where should we do the photoshoot?


Solid question. I have a love affair with both in home sessions and outdoor sunset sessions. In home means that your littles are comfy, warm and content to snuggle up with you on the bed. There are a lot of nooks to work with and gorgeous window light. Your home is the heart of who you are as a family and it is a beautiful way to remember all of the details. I always capture little snippets of your home too, like the way your kids bunny sits on top of the shelves or the wonky hanging artwork…

Outdoor sessions are incredible. I find it truly mesmerising the magic of creating a beautiful image of a person simply in nature. There’s a bare bones feel, it allows us to focus heavily on your connection. Swooooon! There’s also that golden light factor. I have SO many incredible locations up my sleeve, let’s talk and work together on something unique for you!

Please note that Sunset sessions are usually booked out at least 3 months in advance. And that in home sessions are done on weekdays.

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What should we wear?


Once you book with me, I send you my fancy PDF that includes what to do, what tones work with different landscapes and what to avoid. Please, don’t get your hair and makeup done and wear high heels, if that’s your jam I’m probably not the right Photographer for you… I will make you run through long grass. Get you wet. Sandy. Barefoot. Wild. I want to show you how beautiful you are without all the ‘extra’.

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What the heck even happens in a shoot?


The first thing I will do is make buddy buddies with your kids. It is SO important that I build a connection with them. I also start off by taking photos of the kids first, that way you can edge into it and the kids can play freely for the first part.

I’m not an overly posey Photographer. And I won’t get you standing there stiff as a board smiling at the camera. In fact, the less you look at me, the better! I will gently direct you to get the best images… like get you in the amazing light, but mostly I’m jumping between documenting you just as you are, and then getting you to interact (and get awesome shots) by giving you prompts. In between moments have my heart!

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What happens once our session is done?


I will send you a sneak peak in the first couple of days. Hoorah! Then in 4-6 weeks you will receive your online gallery with your images. Even more hoorah! The gallery is great for sharing with family and friends and is password protected. You can download the photos from the gallery easily in both high resolution for printing and web optimised for easy social media sharing.

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We want to get ouR photos done while on holidays in Byron. How far in advance should we book?


The second you know you’re coming! The thing with this is you probably have plans for when you’re here and we need to squeeze in a shoot around that, which leaves us limited time. I’m usually booked out far in advance and don’t want to dissapoint so please get in touch ASAP.

The best time for you to do your shoot when you’re here is around the middle of your stay. Not on the first day (heyyyy tired travel kids) and not on the last day because if for some reason we have to postpone, we are then stuck up the creek without a paddle.

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What if it rains or we are sick?


If it’s sprinkling, we roll with it (notebook vibes). If it’s really coming down, we have to postpone.
If you’re sick, or me, we have to postpone too. The last thing I want to do if I’m under the weather is bring that to your babes.

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Can we bring the fam? (Aunties, Uncles, Nan & Pop?)


Sorry loves, but I don’t offer extended family sessions. My shoots are VERY heavily focused on the connection between parents and their children.

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Do you travel for work?


Sure do! Anywhere within one hour of Byron Bay is included in the packages. Travel to Brisbane incurs a small fee and anywhere that requires overnight stay, I just ask that you cover my airfare/accomodation.