Mentoring. Heck, this is something that I feel really strongly about. You know that feeling, that deep, curdling feeling that as a Photographer, you're isolated and you're just kind of left to your own devices to figure it all out? I know it too. And it can make for some big mistakes and major burn out. I wish if I could go back in time, that I had a mentor to throw ALL of my questions at. I had the camera, I knew how to take a photo, but there were SO many questions circulating in my head... Lightroom organisation, marketing, how on earth I even get bookings, dream clients, how I calculate my costs, how I edit more efficiently, how to run a streamlined business, Client mangagement systems, how to style a shoot, how to create a story, how to get deeper connection out of a session, locations, shooting with intention, contracts and legalities, building ga brand and most importantly.... Who the heck even was I as an artist?! 

The list is mammoth. 

Maybe you feel confident in your shooting, and need help with business. Maybe you're confident in business but lacking your mojo in creativity. That's why I've devised a way to help you, to mentor you in the best way possible that addresses exactly what you need help in most. 

Wether you're after one, or the other or even both! I'm here to be that person that can help you find your way. With an ability to see beyond the surface, I can help you to soar like a freakin eagle and do it your way with confidence and ease. I will only take on those that I feel are ready and that I feel I can help. We've got to be on the same page with this or I'll be doing you an injustice, and that's not what I want for anyone. 

 You've just got to be ready to tackle it and look within yourself. It takes work, it takes commitment, but I'v got you.