Got an itch you can’t quite scratch?

Want to be more creative in your photography but scared that it won’t be what people want?

Do you feel like you can’t quite dig beyond the surface of your clients and sessions?

Find Your Wild Workshops are about rule breaking, unposed, authentic connection. They’re about creating powerful imagery through storytelling and understanding your clients on a deeper level. It’s the gritty, the raw and gaining the confidence for that burning fire within!

Not only is it my goal to empower you to be your most honest self through photography and to stand out from the masses, I want you to walk away relishing in the connections and life long friends you make, as well as the mind set and skills to grow a sustainable and valued business.  


Developing concepts

We cover how the power of storytelling can be translated through your sessions to spark emotion in your viewers. How to visualise, plan, and execute strong concepts and bring them to life, bringing more meaning to you as the Photographer, your viewers and the stories of those that we are telling.

Creating authentic moments

Dropping the cheese and getting REAL moments. Posing can feel awkward and it doesn't have to be. In the workshop we will work through the prompts that I use to capture authenticity, how to know what will work on different people, the art of prediction, and practice the ability to let go of nerves and just FEEL. There will also be a live family shoot where you can watch and listen, or get involved and put all that you've learnt into practice, as well as taking home the photos for your portfolio!

Pushing past your fears and breaking the rules

My goal is to help you discover your own strengths.. How to find them and make them shine. Why? Because it needs to come from within and not on a computer screen, or your instagram feed. 

Let me seriously ask you this... are you being true to your artist heart?

I want you to be able to walk away and have the confidence to shoot what sets your soul on fire, instead of feeling like you have to bury your true self, in order to get the bookings. Confidence is the number one issue that Photographers have in being true to themselves in their work and this segment, is about building the confidence to be 100% you.

Your brand, your voice, your style

Want to stand out from the crowd? Unsure of your style? Don't know what your 'voice' is? Or even means?

This part gets deep, dude. This is where we unravel everything and go through a process together on finding out why you're here, how your brand ties in with your core and knuckling down on your style. This flows over into website and instagram... Yep we cover those, too.


From beginning to end, I will go over how I respond to clients initial enquiry, the lead up, the shoot, the delivery. We will cover expectations, educating your clients, reassuring your clients and how I strive for customer experience. I am also going to cover all of my hot little tips for running an efficient and professional business.. Client management, SEO, blogging, social media, storage, printing and graphic design.... Including some awesome discounts from sponsors!


Know your worth. I am including my downloadable pricing calculator that enables you to figure out exactly what your cost of doing business is. You will learn how to price for profit, be able to figure out exactly what you need to be charging per session based on how many hours you want to work each week along with what your salary and business costs are. Gamechanger.


After our workshop, you will receive a downloadable editing video from me covering our live session. I will go over everything from how I shoot for my editing style, lighting for mood, working with hues and saturation, composition, retaining detail, removal of objects, and all of my little tips and tricks that I use with my images!



Byron Bay - SOLD OUT

23rd - 24th march 2019

Fremantle - SOLD OUT

24th August 2019


What people say

“Recently I was lucky enough to mentor with who I believe to be Australia’s best photographer. Coming from a lifestyle photography background and having mentored and taken many workshops over the years was so refreshing and ultimately so enlightening to have this experience. To see Lauren’s work is a wonder in itself, she seems to have all senses switched on at all times and her approach whilst so calm and at times ultimately quiet is effortlessly successful. She is actually taking the roll as master observer.

Lauren is capable of mastering light, shadow and client management all in one hit and it is almost magical to watch and be a part of.

She works effortlessly with the clients and reads each one so perfectly and manages to keep control of the session without demanding and sort of attention to direction. It was the greatest learning experience I have had in recent years and I have come away feeling overwhelmingly inspired and full of creativity.

Lauren is a passionate photographer and is full of heart and love which is evident in her final images but extends to her entire process. I honestly wish I could tag along to all of her sessions. I would recommend this workshop to all photographers of all skill levels.”

Laura Harrey - LaLu Photo