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Ahhhhh mentoring, the one thing that if I could go back in time, I would have invested in! 
For a career where we put so much of ourselves out there, what are we doing to refill the cup? 

Maybe you're feeling a little off track. Maybe you feel confident in your photos but need help in the business side of things. Maybe you're lacking the confidence to push the creative boundaries or to get your ideal clients. Maybe, just maybe, you feel that you need a sounding board because this industry can be so damn isolating. 

My mentoring days are 4 hours one on one. We meet up, smash coffee and dive straight in to a discussion that is tailored to exactly where you need the most guidance. While each session is specifically to suit your needs, we can also go over my client workflow, tips and tricks, pricing, websites, social media, dream clients, ahhhhh, the list goes on. Basically i'm an open book! 

My full day mentoring also includes a LIVE shoot. This can be a family session, maternity session, newborn, couple.. Whatever your heart desires. I set up a shoot in a beautiful location with models and you can take these bad ass pics with you to use for your portfolio. I'll also take a head shot for you.. Winner winner. 



Hey there busy or far away person! Got questions? Need some help on that matter? 
Wether it be editing, pricing, portfolio review, lack of focus, lack of confidence, creative ruts... This might just be your jam. 

This is a one hour Skype or phone session where i'm all yours. We will tailor this conversation to suit your needs so that you get the absolute most out of your Skype or phone session with me. I will follow up with a game plan email to give you a solid nudge in the right direction. 


$250 for 1 hour

Don't feel like that's enough, but can't commit to in person? No problems! 

Grab 3 Skype sessions as a package and get $100 off