Mentoring. Heck, this is something that I feel really strongly about. You know that feeling, that deep, curdling feeling that as a photographer, you're isolated and you're just kind of left to your own devices to figure it all out? I know it too. And it can make for some big mistakes and major burn out. I wish I could go back in time, to have my own mentor to throw ALL of my questions at. I had the camera, I knew how to take a photo, but there were SO many questions circulating in my head... Lightroom organisation, marketing, how on earth I even get bookings, dream clients, how I calculate my costs, how I edit more efficiently, how to run a streamlined business, client management systems, how to style a shoot, how to create a story, how to get a deeper connection from a session, locations, shooting with intention, contracts and legalities, building a brand and most importantly.... Who the heck was I as an artist?! 

The list is mammoth. 

Maybe you feel confident in your shooting, and need help with business. Maybe you're confident in business but lacking your mojo in creativity. That's why I've devised a way to help you, to mentor you in the best way possible that addresses exactly what you need help in most. 

Whether you're after one or the other, or even both! I'm here to be that person that can help you find your way. With an ability to see beyond the surface, I can help you to soar as an artist, with confidence and ease.

I will only take on those that I feel are ready and that I feel I can help. We've got to be on the same page with this or I'll be doing you an injustice, and that's not what I want for anyone. 

 You've just got to be ready to tackle it and look within yourself. It takes work, it takes commitment, but I've got you. 



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Online portfolio and website reviews. You aren't sure any more what you're doing or what your style is. Hello there self doubt! We all get it, but it's a good thing, because if you didn't, you wouldn't grow! The challenge is to be able to view it and move forward when it's your own work. Sometimes we just need an outsider’s perspective, and ideally someone who knows how to identify these elements. 

With a website and portfolio review, I can help you to find your strengths, what areas to keep at it and what areas to work on. I will also go over your website and instruct you on where you can improve it, what to add and what to remove and suggestions on copy that matches your business to who you really are.

I will send you a detailed questionnaire beforehand to know exactly where you’re at.

Your online review will be delivered via screen recording.



This is an intense meeting where we go over your business with a fine toothed comb. I will start by sending you an online questionnaire to get the ball rolling and to find out where you're at. 

Then we meet... This can be on the phone, via an online meeting, OR in person for 2 hours. We talk over your pressing questions and discuss plans to implement, move forward and grow. This can include client management, pricing, workflow, marketing, ideal clients, website and brand. Within one week, I will send you a detailed summary with a plan of attack and ways to implement these new structures into your business. 



This is for those who are struggling to find their mojo and who want to find ways to better direct their shoots, find inspiration, their voice, their brand and to knuckle down on their style. It includes a one hour live shoot where you can use the images for your portfolio, as well as a two hour discussion afterwards where we edit, go over all of the could have's and should have's and answer any questions that you may have. I will send you a detailed questionnaire to get to know where you’re at beforehand. You can choose to have the live shoot as in home or outdoors.

*** Please note that all sunset live shoots are done between 7th of April and 6th of October 2019. Any live shoots outside of these dates will be in home sessions***



You've been in business for a while, but the dots are hard to connect. The flow needs to well, ummm flow. There are SO many questions and you've got a fire within to absolutey rock this gig!! But you need someone to hold your hand. Things keep coming up and you don’t know if you’re doing it right. You crave more and need someone to bring your business up to the next level. Maybe you’ve even tried mentoring before, but still walked away wishing you had more time.

With this mentoring option, as each month approaches I will require you to send me an email with your thoughts, challenges, areas you want to work on, where you want to improve, what went wrong and what went right. 

Maybe you need the tools to write copy or content better? Maybe you're struggling with client expectations? Burn out and time management? Blogging? Concepts? Little voices giving you self doubt? Social media presence? Your voice? Editing? Style? Workflow?
I will give you strategies to step everything up a notch!

This one is like the theme park with every ride.

We will have a scheduled one hour online/phone meeting each month to tackle everything that has come up for that month, for 12 months.

$3600 ($300 per month)

***Due to the nature of this over a year, the session rate for per month is reduced. Please also note that while you can opt to pay for this in monthly instalments, you are signing up for a full 12 months.***