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This journey didn’t start until it was ready. Going back, I was a photographer’s child. Set in a photo so that my own mother could bring to life her visions and creative musings.

I remember being that girl who took her disposable to a tacky Gold Coast holiday with friends, but I’m not sure that counts for being a photographer. Later down the track in my 20’s, while procrastinating one day when I was meant to be studying, I submitted a phone photo to a Jeans West competition. It won, and the image was printed on T shirts and sold Australia wide. I won a point and shoot camera, but I was too pre occupied with life to realise that I could make something of this, regardless of friends always telling me to.

It was when my daughter was around two that my computer crashed and I lost every photo and sweet video that I had of her that my world spun around. I dusted off an old Fuji and started to ‘document’ her everyday. And from there, an itch started to stir inside. To this day I can not face the fact that I lost it all, I just churn that into producing images that show how others loved fiercely. I take photos from the absolute depths of my soul that showcase you, in your finest loving form. And then I tell you to PRINT those suckers and plaster them on your wall. Or use them as a bookmark. Whatever floats your boat. Because we all know what we would grab in a fire…

Right now, I live in the hills of Byron Bay with my fella, my baby girl (not a baby) and pine for longer days and for time to stand still. It’s a simple life but I just want every bit of it to count.

When not taking photos, I mentor other photographers. Online, in person and through my Find Your Wild Workshops. I’ve won awards and been published internationally, but that doesn’t define me. More importantly, It’s a pretty heavy passion of mine to help others to dig through the hard stuff to truly find their unique voice and walk away with the tools and confidence to own it.

I am not your average Joe, not your “look at the camera and smile” kinda gal. I like it a little quirky, a little grainy and even out of focus at times. A lover of the perfectly imperfect.

At the end of the day, I want to give you a little piece of magic to SHOW your people how hard you loved them... Even when you’re long gone. I want to show YOU, through pictures, how hard you loved each other. I want you to feel that wave of nostalgia running through your veins.

I want to get creative with you, and make some magic.