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Where and when?

Fremantle, Western Australia

24th of August 2019

This is a one day Workshop in a beautiful home setting to encourage everyone to feel welcome. The air bnb is carefully selected to have a cottage feel, to have everyone feel more ‘at home’.


  • Developing concepts

  • Creating authentic moments in posing

  • Pushing past your fears & breaking the rules 

  • Your brand and your voice

  • Emotive storytelling

  • Client workflow 

  • Pricing

    There will be one live shoot at the end of the day

You will also receive

A workbook to go through on the day and refer back to at anytime.

A video recording of my screen while I edit our shoot

My downloadable pricing calculator. 

What's the cost?


A booking fee of $500 is required at the time of booking to secure your seat. 


Remaining amount due by 10th August 2019



The amount due at the time of booking is for deposit only.

Total amount over 2 payments is $990

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The finer Details

 You've read the blurb and you're ready to get your mitts dirty with some serious photo making and creativity. You've been sitting on the edge of your seat, itching to scratch the surface in your Photography... It's time.

 Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for the Photographers out there wishing to dig deeper and take this all to the next level. If you’re tired of feeling like you need to take photos just to please your clients instead of shooting straight from the heart, then you’re in the right place. It’s for the feelers and the thinkers and the folks who feel ‘stuck’. It’s for the Photographer who needs that boost and a stir within. The storyteller, who wants the confidence to be themselves and actually be valued for it…

Maybe you don’t know if you’re doing business right, maybe you need a fresh perspective because it’s all starting to feel a bit stale and maybe, just maybe, you feel isolated doing this gig and you know in your heart of hearts, that you need to be surrounded with like minded people.


1. Where exactly is it? 

South Fremantle, Western Australia.

I want to book! How do I do it?  

Click the workshop you wish to attend and you will be taken to my online store, here you can purchase your seat. You will be required to pay the deposit at the time of booking to secure your spot, or can alternatively pay in full upfront.

Once you’ve paid your deposit, within 48 hours I will add you to my client system and get you all set up with your receipt, contract to cover both of us and you will be added to the facebook group.

2. What's the start and end time? 

Start time


End time 6.30pm

What's included again? 

Coffee, snacks and cool drinks

Delicious catered lunch

Air fares accomodation and travel are not included.

Is my ticket refundable?

Unfortunately it is not. However it is transferrable.


What should I bring? 


Notebook and pen

Any more info?  

Once your seat is booked you will be added to a private facebook group where all updates will be posted and you can get to know the other attendees and organise car pooling and extra hangs.

Love her wild photogarphy holds the right to refuse seats.



The amount due at the time of booking is for deposit only.

Total amount over 2 payments is $990

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