workshop jolyn

I attended the 'Find Your Wild' workshop in Dunsborough 2018. I found Lauren to be amazingly inspiring. She is one in a million in that she has the natural ability to produce the most beautiful images by doing and being 100% authentic. She gave me the courage to take risks and just be myself with my photography journey. I often find I can get wrapped up in the noise of social media and the photography industry as a whole. Lauren has been there for our group through our ongoing Facebook chats and I have found her perspective on business to be both unique and refreshing. In a world that is so focused on achieving and competing she was able to bring me back to what is important and why I started photography in the first place, the love of producing images that make me feel. The ability to dig deeper than what is on the surface. It doesn’t matter where you are in your photography journey I honestly think anyone can benefit from her insight.

Lauren Phillips